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Though this was another themed episode, it didn't feel overly forced so I didn't mind it. The music was fun and it felt more like classic Glee with the Finn/Rachel/Quinn going on, April Rhodes, Brittany spying, Sue scheming, and a close out feel good group number.

-The Will plot line was okay for me; there's no tension because Will isn't leaving Glee Club obviously and perhaps if April was suggesting something closer (like Acafellas) the threat would have been stronger but it would have been too similar and probably wouldn't have stood up to comparison.

-It's nice to see Emma growing.

-Finn/Rachel/Quinn always bring the drama. At some point I'd love it if Quinn and Rachel could get over the outright hostility and when Finn and Quinn break up maybe that will happen. F/Q just aren't good for each other, and while I don't love Finn and Rachel as a couple always, they do have fun with each other. Maybe the next time they get together there will be less dysfunction (haha, no).

-The return of April Rhodes was low key enough so I liked it.

-Sue scheming and using Brittany was a nice call back to last season. Brittany was funny.

-Santana and Brittany continue to break me. Santana's actions make sense for her but they still make me sad.

-I was spoiled for Sam's story tonight (damn you tumblr and my inability to show restraint) but I still enjoyed watching it. Also: props for more backstory--Sam is from Tennessee, he and Quinn go to the same church, he delivers pizza, he has two siblings and live with both parents, and he apparently sold his scissors.

MUSIC-Santana song to Brittany was sweet and Naya killed it; Rachel's song was fun to watch, especially when the rest of Glee Club got involved; the group number was sweet too. Finn and Quinn's showed their dysfunction. Will and April's was entertaining.

PREVIEW: Quinn and Rachel fighting! The return of Jesse! PROM!
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