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Jessie's back for a bit. Some reason I had imagined him smarter than what he really is but it seems he's just really excellent at Show Choir and being self satisfied and fierce. Rachel and Jessie are interesting together in a way; and it was nice to see them together without all the baggage around them. Jessie interacting with everyone at the dinner was hilarious.

So over Finn/Rachel drama. Their reunion is inevitable so the obstacles of Jessie and Quinn just don't mean anything, especially when neither one of them seem interested in anyone but each other. Finn just needs to get his act together.

The slap scene between Rachel and Quinn wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, an apology came after and it seems like the two of them are building towards a moment or at least an understanding.

Seems like Artie and Brittany are completely done but still friendly. It's just time for Brittany and Santana to get together.

Kurt's humiliation at prom was horrible but I liked that he picked himself up right away. He's growing up.

At some point Karofsky will probably come out, but I do wonder if they're going to show it on the show in season three.

Mercedes and Sam were pretty awesome together too. Happy that they both were able to be there for each other and it seems like Sam is fitting in better and getting friends and that makes me happy.

PREVIEW: All the progress Quinn seems to be making and they have her telling Finn they need to quit Glee? Ugh, this is probably misdirection. Though Jessie as Show Choir assistant should be interesting.


'Rolling in the Deep' was the best of the night for me; 'Dancing Queen' and 'I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You' was fun; 'Isn't She Lovely' was cute, I'm always a fan of Kevin McHale's voice. Rachel's song was classic Rachel ballad. 'Friday' was ridiculous.
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