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Spoilers about possible season three plots in the comments!

-Not winning Nationals doesn't surprise me. I've said since the beginning of the season that if they win Regionals but lose at Nationals they would have something to work towards for the third season, which is also the final season that the original cast is together (I believe).

-This does create the carryover drama for Finn/Rachel because even though she said it was all worth it, I don't think that's all true. But that showed the difference between Finn and Rachel: for him the kiss was worth it, for her not so much.

-Really liked the coming together of Quinn, Santana, and Brittany. Hopefully they can join Cheerios again or at least have more friendship scenes next season.

-Nice moment between Kurt and Rachel. They totally understand each other on a level that no one else does.

-Of course Quinn's plan wasn't much of one at all.

-So Santana and Brittany are hugging at lockers again and Brittany said she loved Santana but she also loves the entire Glee Club. They are in a healthy place right now but they aren't a couple yet. I guess that's something else to look forward to for next season.

-Will's Broadway plot was over before I even realized it existed. Enjoyed his banter with the VA Coach.

-Funny that Kurt was so enthused with the drama that not making Nationals didn't phase him; also love that he could be so positive about his year. Blaine and Kurt exchanged the l word to each other.What year is Kurt in? Is he graduating with the rest or is he supposed to be a year beneath them?

-Sam and Mercedes are dating or something? Whatever, it's canon. But considering certain spoilers I've heard about Mercedes I wonder how that plays out.


Surprise! But I really liked the second original song ND did. VA's was good but last year's was better. 'Yeah' was fun to watch but I wasn't super impressed. Kurt and Rachel's duet was sweet and they obviously had fun doing it. Really enjoyed the group number. The guys singing 'Someone to Watch Over Me' was nice.

PREVIEW: NONE because this is it! So what are your thoughts for this season? Did you enjoy this one or the first more? What would be one thing you would have changed for this season? What was your favorite episode? Least favorite? What do you desperately want to happen in the third season? Anyone going to see the Glee movie?
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