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OMG, please let this be on the show after Mercedes gets her love interest or something. Seriously, Amber needs to do Adele on the show!
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Glee star takes the good with the glare

Back on May 18, 2009, Chris Colfer was a regular kid, a talented, singing-and-dancing, Californian teen who had appeared in some community-theatre productions, acted in a short film and recently completed the pilot for a Fox show called Glee, an oddball sort of show whose appeal, if any, was hard to predict.

The next day, thanks in large part to an assist from the juggernaut American Idol, Glee exploded into the American zeitgeist. Colfer's life hasn't been the same since.

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Some of the glee cast posted a pic of them honoring Spirit Day

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PTC complaint about the GQ Shoot

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In what could be a musical theater gleek’s wildest dreams, Ryan Murphy is one of four directors currently in discussions with Wicked producer Marc Platt to direct the film version of the popular musical.

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The great year for Jane Lynch (Sue) just keeps going — between Glee, magazine covers, Emmy nominations, a marriage, and even the release of her thought to be lost 2007 film I Do & I Don't, which hits DVD this week. In conjunction with the DVD release, Jane talked to Vulture and gave them the lowdown on all things Sue Sylvester.

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Kevin, Matthew, and Harry in a dance-off!

I guess the others from this event are also worth watching.

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