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Hi-- I've had a crazy semester so far but it's finally looking like I will have more time to help maintain this community like I should. So my apologies for my brief disappearance and thanks of course to [personal profile] wishfulclicking to keeping our ship sailing smoothly.

That said-- is there anyone who'd be interested in helping maintain the community alongside the two of us? What would be great is someone who could help us post news/spoilers/etc. to the community. Let us know.

And finally-- is there still interest in discussion posts about episodes? There's been a decline in activity so, again, let us know if this is something we should keep providing.

Enjoy your hiatus!


Dec. 13th, 2009 01:46 pm
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Please sign up for the mix exchange located here! There was interest in it a few weeks ago when I first brought it up and I'd hate to cancel it due to lack of enough participants!
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The 2009 [community profile] glee_fans mix exchange is now beginning!

Please comment below by next Monday, December 14 if you would like to participate with the following:

Favorite genres (3 tops) (you can link to a description on wiki or something in case it's not so obvious)
Current favorite bands (3 tops)
Current favorite songs (3 tops)
Guilty pleasure songs/bands (5 tops)
Favorite character/pairing (if you would like the mix to be themed around them, not necessary though!)
Do you want holiday music? (if so, specify your holiday)
How you would like to receive your mix (e.g., YouSendIt, email, Megaupload, Sendspace, etc.)
If applicable, a link to your entry in the friending meme would be helpful!

I will private message everyone Monday evening with who they are making their mix for and the info! There is a minimum of 8 songs per mix so everyone feels like they're getting back as much as they're putting in :)

ETA: More Rules
-- Again, 8 songs minimum
-- Upload your mix yourself, preferably using your recipient's preferences. PM me the link and I'll pass it on. A reveal post will be up once I have them all sorted.
-- Official deadline is December 28, with the latest extension being December 31.


Starting on the first week of January check [community profile] glee_fans every Wednesday for Music Wednesdays! I will post a small EP (4-5 max) of songs centred around characters (e.g., songs that describe them, songs they'd want to sing in New Directions, anything goes... I'll take some artistic liberties ;)).

Music Wednesdays schedule )

Don't forget to sign up!
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Check out Entertainment Weekly's 20 top Sue Sylvester quotes!

Also, I've never seen these behind-the-scenes videos... well, I know what I'm going to be doing instead of actual work today! The latest is great. Poor Chris suffering casualties, first Dianna kicking him in the balls and then his neck hurting!


On a completely different note, I've been trying to think of stuff we can do to keep this comm active during the mini-break in the season besides actual news and stuff like that. I'm totally open to suggestions! The first one I have in mind is a holiday mix-exchange, since we're all huge fans of a show centred on music and we all seem to have really interesting and eclectic tastes after that friending meme. Is anyone interested? I can put up an official post sometime this weekend if people are!
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1) [personal profile] wishfulclicking & [personal profile] wyntarvox are our new mods! :) Be nice to them, please. Also, if everyone could pimp this comm out like whoa that'd be greatly appreciated; who wouldn't want more discussion? :)

2) Speaking of pimping (okay, no, they're not really related at all) I thought it'd be fun if we did some sort of friending meme. So click the cut! It's mostly music-oriented because that's part of why we all love Glee.

meme under here )
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What A Girl Wants - Rachel Berry )

The Thong Song - Will Schuester )

In other words, is everyone ok with the way that I've been posting these clips (with the song and character in the cut text) or would people like something a little more vague in case they're trying to stay entirely spoiler free?


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