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In the midst of its summer concert tour, Glee has added six to its writing staff for Season 3.
Allison Adler, Marti Noxon, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Michael Hitchcock, Matt Hodgson and Ross Maxwell will join Glee executive producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan in the writers’ room beginning Monday when work starts on Season 3.

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As the cast and executive producers of Glee took their places onstage at PaleyFest last night, it was a surreal moment for the audience and the team behind the hit Fox show.

Just the night before, fans had watched the episode, “Original Song,” where part of it was shot on the very stage they were on.
“I'm still kind of freaking out, ‘cause we did it right here,” actor Cory Monteith said.

Jane Lynch pointed out the spot on the stage where her character punched one of the Regionals judges, joking, “My career peaked at that moment.”

During the penultimate PaleyFest panel this year, the Glee team entertained a full house, sharing stories about moments on set, revealing their takes on several of the relationships in the show and divulging plenty of juicy spoilers for what’s to come in the rest of Season 2 and in the upcoming third season.

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Glee returns April 13 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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Fox topped Tuesday with a new episode of Glee. The drama averaged a 4.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.7 million


Via Cultural Leanings

What fascinates me about “Original Song,” which was overall a pretty solid episode, was how transparent it was. It positioned songwriting as a way for characters to express their emotion, but their fairly impressive songwriting skills mixed with the on-the-nose characterization made the behind-the-scenes machinations painfully clear. It exposes the central irony of the big Regionals performance: as the Glee club kids take to the stage to perform original songs that communicate their feelings about love and tyrannical educators, they perform pop songs written by famous songwriters for the purpose of selling iTunes downloads.

From T Lo

Like we keep saying, Rachel only works when she wants something really bad and can't have it. This was the do-or-die moment for the whole original songs concept and we think they nailed it. It's not really our taste, this song, but it's an almost perfectly (some might say cynically) realized musical version of teen-girl angst and likely to sell very well to that market.

We also want to make a sideways shoutout to the scene between Rachel and Quinn, where the writers deftly made the latter seem like a real person with insecurities and fears and disappointments rather than just a bitch cheerleader. Her rather - dare we say it? - cynical view of the life she and Finn will have vs. the life Rachel will was, sadly, probably very accurate.

The A.V. Club

Of all of the many, many criticisms the Glee haters level at Glee, the one that’s always made the least sense to me is the idea that the show is somehow a failure for using covers of big hit songs, rather than coming up with its own songs or at least fascinating arrangements of those big hit songs. For starters, this wouldn’t fit within the show’s own reality—just how many high school show choir do YOU know that constantly come up with cool arrangements or write their own music?—but it also would probably make for a terrible show.
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The members of The Beelzebubs, Tufts University’s oldest all-male a cappella group, have their hands full this semester. Along with recording a new album and performing on campus in Medford, Mass., the group landed the high-profile gig of providing the arrangements and background vocals for Glee‘s newest music group, the Dalton Academy Warblers. ... Beelzebubs President Eli Seidman, Business Manager Evan Powell, Music Director Penn Rosen, and Historian Kent McCann spoke with EW about lending their voices to a hit television show, their admiration for Criss, and why they won’t be pursuing careers in music.

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Lea Michele is lending her celebrity to PETA to convince people to boycott horse-drawn carriages in New York City. “Horses in the carriage industry are deprived of everything that makes their lives worth living,” Michele says in the PSA. “Don’t get taken for a ride.”



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I don't mind the emphasis on pop as long as they throw in a classic here and there.


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