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AE: We all know that Santana is a girl who will do anything to get what she wants but it looks like she’s not going to get Brittany.
NR: Yes.

AE: How is she going to move on from that? Can she and Brittany still be friends?
NR: I feel like they still are friends and in the prom episode that just aired … that was right after she sang "Songbird" to her and continued to pour her heart out to Brittany and still didn’t get what she wanted. I think they’ll always be friends and I think that Santana values Brittany’s friendship above everything else, which is the softer side of [Santana]. I would like to see her find love outside of Brittany and I think that we had to deal with the hurt of being rejected to get to the softer side of this really hard and bitchy character.

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McKinley High's resident bully Dave Karofsky says in real life, he's "all for dancing and singing."

"I'd jump on 'Thriller' in a heartbeat," Max Adler, who plays Karofsky, told TVGuide.com Monday morning, right after Glee 's post-Super Bowl episode drew a staggering 26.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched episode of a scripted series in three years. It so happens that Adler was a First Chair All-State show choir member in high school.

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If you’re a gleebaser like me, you’re going through serious withdrawal right about now from Fox’s Golden Globe-winning comedy. Because while other network series returned from hiatus last week, Ryan Murphy’s cast is waiting until Feb. 6 to bounce back from their long holiday vacation with the wildly anticipated post-Super Bowl episode, “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle.” To tide you over until Glee’s zombie-riffic 2011 premiere, here are a few excerpts from Dianna Agron’s leg of the I Am Number Four (the Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg-produced sci-fi film she stars in with Alex Pettyfer and Timothy Olyphant next month) press junket, in which the actress gamely described her gift to the Glee cast, explained why she won’t go to the Super Bowl and recounted her own experience with prejudice back in Texas.

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We caught up with Lea Michele (Rachel) on the Fox lot on TCA set visit day, January 12, and the Glee songstress serenaded us with talk of her co-star pals, her workout regimen, her big-screen dreams, and Rachel Berry. Our favorite takeaway? She totally hearts and identifies with Kurt. "There's a gay man in me somewhere, trust me," she said. Although she lost to a well-deserving Laura Linney in her category at the Golden Globes last night, Lea must have been as giddy as we were when Chris Colfer snagged his first statue!

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