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Welcome to the Out 100

The theme of the 2010 Out 100 portfolio is “celebration.” In a year marked by battles won and lost, high hopes and bitter letdowns, we thought it important to focus on events that might not have been celebrations when they happened, but were pivotal in the evolution of the LGBT cause. So, we asked our honorees to recreate three such moments in recent history — Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball shot by legendary photographer Larry Fink, the Stonewall riots shot by Out 100 veteran Roger Erickson, and Studio 54 shot by Jason Schmidt.

In the coming days we will reveal select Out 100 honorees shot by each of the photographers and situated in each of the three celebrations. All 100 honorees, including our five amazing cover stars, will be revealed on November 11.

Continue to visit every day to see new photos, read new bios, and celebrate the LGBT people of the year with us.

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Chris Colfer - Actor

It’s hard to imagine Glee without Kurt Hummel, the hit show’s resident countertenor and fashion iconoclast. But until director Ryan Murphy met Chris Colfer, who was auditioning for the role of Artie at the time, the character didn’t exist. Now it’s 20-year-old Colfer, in his first professional role, who is responsible for much of the show’s heavy lifting, giving it heart when it veers too far into fluff or farce and infusing it with panache and absurdity when things run too dark and hopeless—often in the same episode. Though only a nominee at last year’s Emmys, a recent episode that follows Kurt confronting the possible death of his father and greater issues of faith suggests he’ll be bringing home his first big award the year he turns 21.


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Well, hello Chris Colfer

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An itty bitty post just with a link to Heather Morris in the duck shirt since it was mentioned in the interview.
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first look at NPH on Glee )


Next Tuesday’s Glee, as Jane Lynch’s shot-by-shot remake of “Vogue” revealed, will be an all-out Madonna extravaganza, featuring such hit songs as “Express Yourself,” “Like a Virgin,” “Like a Prayer,” and “4 Minutes.” In the episode, Mr. Schuester asks the girls in glee club to select various Madonna tracks to sing, and the episode already has one major supporter — the Material Girl herself. “I think Mr. Schuester is very cute,” Madonna said in a statement to Fox, “and I’m glad he’s doing such a good job empowering the girls.” And… that’s all, Madonna? No comment on what you make of the show’s interpretation of your music? No praise for Glee’s young ensemble cast? And no mention of the pure awesomeness that is Jane Lynch? Grumble, grumble…



Yes, Glee's Kevin McHale Will Be White-Boy Rapping This Season

Kevin McHale plays Artie—the kid in the wheelchair—on the hit TV show Glee, which begins its second season tonight. Those of you who followed my weekly Glee-caps last season may recall my “affectionate” descriptions of Artie after his star turn in the episode “Wheels” (and those of you who don’t give a whit about my tireless efforts here at may have spotted him in the print magazine with his male Glee cohorts pretending to be one of five contemporary, and very soggy, sartorial clones of Gene Kelly in his Singing in the Rain phase.) I find Artie to be one of the most compelling and sympathetic characters on the show—plus, I naturally side with the underdog—so while everyone else in the media echo chamber was attending to his bipedally-abled co-stars, I snuck in and chose him as my first-ever cast interviewee.

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Also, a friendly reminder-- if you are involved in the 2010 Valentine's Day mix exchange the deadline is actually today. However, I padded it with a few days cos I know these things tend to sneak up on people (um, like me, because I totally thought (and so did a few people) that the deadline was tomorrow...).
That said, I'd really like to have the post up some time on Valentine's Day so please try and get them to me ASAP!


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