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So I totally failed at posting discussion questions this week... RL kind of ate me. They WILL be up next Tuesday, though!

Have some videos as an apology gift.


Shelf Life has learned that Little, Brown Books for Young Readers has struck a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to publish a line of official Glee-related books. (There are Glee books aplenty out there, but they are all unauthorized.) Little, Brown has multiple book projects in the works for its Glee program; the first to roll off the press will be an original novel called Glee: The Beginning. This prequel to the show, which includes a double-sided poster, will hit stores this August.


..... Really?
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Dijon Talton (Matt) is excited for his own upcoming achievement in the series.

"You hear me speak in the back nine!" Talton says.



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Now, I love Glee but I was NOT prepared for the Gleek enthusiasm seen at yesterday’s soundtrack signing at the Time Warner Center in New York City. Luckily, I was there with a very brave camera crew and caught the whole bonanza on film. Thankfully, there were no Gleek stampedes, but I did get to chat with Chris Colfer (Kurt), Dianna Agron (Quinn), and Mark Salling (Puck), as well as some very excited fans. Watch the video below for the cast’s thoughts on everything from their favorite Glee songs to the World Series and Madonna!

Again, hosted on so you'll have to click here.
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These videos are all hosted on the Entertainment Weekly website so you'll have to click to watch but they're so worth it.


This just in: While delicious villain Sue Sylvester has yet to break into song on Glee, almost-certain future Emmy nominee Jane Lynch tells me she is “campaigning strongly” for a musical moment in a future episode of Fox’s freshman sensation. And what song is in her character’s heart right now, you might ask?


Sad that you have to wait until next Wednesday night for a fresh episode of Glee? The fine folks at Fox hope to ease your pain by offering up a couple of behind-the-scenes videos about the hit musical dramedy. Did you know that the producers saw 2,900 hopefuls during the casting process? Or that Lea Michele slapped the casting director during her audition for the role of Rachel? Or that Cory Monteith scored points during his Finn audition with his drumming skills? You’ll also hear from Mark Salling about Puck’s impressive “personal tribute to a musical Jewish icon” in the form of “Sweet Caroline.”
There are a few videos on this playlist so don't stop believing watching after the first!

(now I want Puck/Rachel again.)


On a completely different topic, now, would it be worth it if I posted blurry pictures/pictures of the back of their heads from this past Tuesday's signing?
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Matthew Morrison is keeping busy helping the kids of "Glee" hit a high note on the small screen. But off-screen, the Broadway-turned-primetime star will soon be busy making beautiful music all his own.

Details )

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Cory Monteith is quizzed with 10 questions about his co-stars.


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