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If you’re a gleebaser like me, you’re going through serious withdrawal right about now from Fox’s Golden Globe-winning comedy. Because while other network series returned from hiatus last week, Ryan Murphy’s cast is waiting until Feb. 6 to bounce back from their long holiday vacation with the wildly anticipated post-Super Bowl episode, “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle.” To tide you over until Glee’s zombie-riffic 2011 premiere, here are a few excerpts from Dianna Agron’s leg of the I Am Number Four (the Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg-produced sci-fi film she stars in with Alex Pettyfer and Timothy Olyphant next month) press junket, in which the actress gamely described her gift to the Glee cast, explained why she won’t go to the Super Bowl and recounted her own experience with prejudice back in Texas.

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Bitch Magazine's commentary on it--
File it under Gross Yet Unsurprising: Terry Richardson, the "creepy uncle" of douchebags has taken yet another misogynistic and off-putting set of photos of the cast of a teen show! Behold his treatment of Glee:

Dianna's response via her tumblr

I’d like to start by saying that these are solely my thoughts on the November issue of GQ and the controversy that has surrounded its release. I am not a representative of the three of us, the show, or Fox, only myself.

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Dianna says she’ll be sitting front row at Saturday Night Live come October – even if her bosses say no!

Dianna Agron truly has the whole package: she’s talented, gorgeous AND a fabulous friend. How do we know? Come hell or high water, the Glee actress says she’ll be there for co-star Jane Lynch’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig this October, no matter what the consequences may be!

“I know I’m going,” the 24-year-old actress, who plays cheerleader Quinn Fabray to Jane’s Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester on Glee – said at Crest 3D White’s Breakthrough of the Year Awards Aug. 15. “Even if I fly out Friday night and fly back Sunday morning, I have to be there.”

What a good friend! We guess this means you’re taking a red eye on Oct. 8, Dianna -– because although Glee creator Ryan Murphy is giving Jane, 50, the week off at the time, we’re not so certain he’ll be as lax with you!

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Check out this video Dianna directed for her buddy Thao. The premiere was given to Oxfam :)


When we last checked in with "Glee" star Chris Colfer in April, he was just as excited as we were to find out that his lovable character Kurt Hummel would be getting a boyfriend. Since then, we have done some more investigating into this romantic tale.

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While in town for last weekend’s Glee Live premiere, Heather Morris, aka the dippy cheerleader, Brittany, took a few minutes to swap some one liners with us. As ASU’s favorite drop-out and a former backup dancer for Beyonce, Morris dished about her lack of party skills, as well as preserving her perfect make-out record when she smooched a local youngin.

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