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This week's mix is centered around Emma Pillsbury. It turned out a lot more emo than I had planned. I included the SoM track because we know Emma has a thing for oldies showtunes. Also, #2 is about Terri.
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1) New Year - Parachute
'I'm sick of cleaning up the mess you left behind (what a way to start the new year) on my hands and knees cleaning up the dirt and grime'

2) As a Blonde - Selena Gomez and the Scene
'I'm not gonna wait and mess around with fate and come back as a blonde, try a different lipstick on, as a blonde will I get whatever I want? I'll be ever so enticing, cake a lot of icing, never have to watch my weight'

3) It Won't Be Long - The Beatles
'Ev'ry night when ev'rybody has fun, here I am sitting all on my own... it won't be long, yeah, 'til I belong to you'

4) If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix
'you know I don't want to be clever, to be brilliant or superior, true like ice, true like fire, now i know that a breeze can blow me away, now I know there's much more dignity in defeat than in the brightest victory'

5) Something Good - Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews
'for here you are, standing there, loving me whether or not you should, so somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something good'

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Next week's will be centered around Tina Cohen-Chang.

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As the big day approaches, Emma (Jayma Mays) was on the hunt for the perfect wedding gown and on last week’s Glee, and she found a stunning silk number while at the bridal boutique with Will (Matthew Morrison).

Emma wore J. Crew’s silk gazar nanami gown (; $2,995), and can you say perfect? The high neck in the front, the V-neck in the back, the gloves, the headband – absolutely amazing!

What did you guys think of the gown? Did any of you prefer the poofy, shoulder-padded look she sported for her dance lesson with Will instead?


I love J. Crew to begin with & definitely loved the dress when I saw it but I could have done without the gloves.


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