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Depending on how big a glutton for punishment you are, tonight's "Glee" just might be your favorite yet. The first season has already bared witness to a handful of uber-emotional moments but by all accounts, tonight's will steamroll each and every one.

"Dream On," not only features Neil Patrick Harris, but an Artie-centric storyline that sees the wheelchair bound virtuoso longing for a life on two feet. In anticipation of the waterworks I rang up Kevin McHale to see if he could sneak me any tear duct drying tips.

Sadly, he could not. What Kevin did share was some scoop on the season finale (more tears), what the last year of his life has been like and how "Boy Meets World" factors in to "Glee!"

cut for length. not really any spoilers )


Producers of Glee have confirmed that they have a second Madonna episode of the hit show in the works.

“We’re doing a sequel to the Madonna [episode],” producer Ryan Murphy told Access Hollywood.

On speculation the Material Girl may appear, Murphy commented: “I can’t say. But she’s sort of the muse of our show. She loves the show and has supported it. She gets that the show is about arts education and so she’s very supportive about that.”



The Glee on-again/off-again flirtation with Britney Spears is back in the "on" position this week. At least according to creator Ryan Murphy. The super-producer was in New York yesterday to celebrate the FOX Upfronts (where Glee received prominent placement, including a showing post-Super Bowl), where he revealed that an all-Britney episode is very much on his mind.

"We love Britney, we're talking to Britney. I think you have to be very careful on the show not to do too many tribute episodes. but she certainly has a huge body of work to pull from and the kids grew up with her so that is a consideration, they love her." Sounds good to us! Once again: Puck singing "Womanizer" must happen. (Sorry, Matthew Morrison, but we like the idea of a Britney ep.)

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This week's mix is centered around Tina Cohen-Chang. I had a lot of trouble with this one because I don't really have a handle on her character at all. I ended up going with things I thought she'd like to listen to/things that kind of describe her mostly pre-Glee. I don't really know how successful I was but hopefully someone will like this.
Please comment if you download this!

1) Lonely As You; Foo Fighters
'spare all the preachin', my secret's worth keepin', no one understands like I do'

2) Shimmer; Fuel
'she says that she's ashamed and can she take me for a while, and can I be a friend, we'll forget the past, but maybe I'm not able and I break at the bend'

3) Black Balloon; Goo Goo Dolls
'and there's no time left for losin', when you stand they fall... and I'll become what you became to me'

4) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction; Cat Power
'baby baby baby come back cause you see I'm on a losing streak'

5) Miss You Love; Silverchair
'I'm not, not sure, not too sure how it feels to handle every day like the one that just passed in the crowds of all the people'

DOWNLOAD (sendspace)

Next week's will be centered around Artie Abrams.

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"We never expected that to catch on quite so well," executive producer Brad Falchuk told me of the show's short-lived Puck and Rachel hookup and subsequent fandemonium. "So we'll have to do something about that."

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This has made my week! Heaps of other interesting news in this article, too.

I also think there's an (unfortunate) typo in: "...Kevin McHale (Artie) said of the Artie in Tina romance in tomorrow night's episode" (emphasis mine). ;)


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