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Title: I Know Who I Am And I Know What I Want
Fandom: Glee
Rating: PG-13 (Santana’s inner monologue swears)
Characters, Pairings: Santana Lopez, mentions Brittany/Santana
Word Count: ~400
Spoilers: Through 2x18 - Born This Way
Summary: After the ‘Born This Way’ performance, Santana has some thinking to do.

(Fake cut to the fic)

This is the only active Glee community I've found on Dreamwidth. I really hope fanfic is okay.
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As the cast and executive producers of Glee took their places onstage at PaleyFest last night, it was a surreal moment for the audience and the team behind the hit Fox show.

Just the night before, fans had watched the episode, “Original Song,” where part of it was shot on the very stage they were on.
“I'm still kind of freaking out, ‘cause we did it right here,” actor Cory Monteith said.

Jane Lynch pointed out the spot on the stage where her character punched one of the Regionals judges, joking, “My career peaked at that moment.”

During the penultimate PaleyFest panel this year, the Glee team entertained a full house, sharing stories about moments on set, revealing their takes on several of the relationships in the show and divulging plenty of juicy spoilers for what’s to come in the rest of Season 2 and in the upcoming third season.

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Glee returns April 13 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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In what could be a musical theater gleek’s wildest dreams, Ryan Murphy is one of four directors currently in discussions with Wicked producer Marc Platt to direct the film version of the popular musical.

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The great year for Jane Lynch (Sue) just keeps going — between Glee, magazine covers, Emmy nominations, a marriage, and even the release of her thought to be lost 2007 film I Do & I Don't, which hits DVD this week. In conjunction with the DVD release, Jane talked to Vulture and gave them the lowdown on all things Sue Sylvester.

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Kevin, Matthew, and Harry in a dance-off!

I guess the others from this event are also worth watching.

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